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I Know a Few Things About You...

As you’re reading this right now, we already know a few things about you:

You are full of unrealized potential. Sure, you are already doing many great things – but you know in your heart you could be doing more. You know you could be impacting more lives. And, you know, tapping your potential would happen easier, faster and more successfully if there was someone in your corner supporting you every step of the way.

You crave the opportunity to grow and learn. You already know learning is required to make your life better (It's why you signed up for my teleseminar in the first place anyways, right?). Learning – and applying what you’ve learned – is the foundation for ALL improvement, all development and all growth – as an employee, as a leader and as a person.

You know your success is about more than luck. The most successful people in the world have three fundamental things in common: they have a proven plan, they have a trusted advisor and they believe in themselves. You know overnight success stories never happen overnight. You also know that your success has long been in the making.

You are looking for something to help you become the leader, well actually to become the person, you were born to be.

The Remarkable Leadership Learning System is designed to help you do just that.

Unlock Your Remarkable Leadership Potential and Become the Leader You Were Born to Be

The Remarkable Leadership Learning System allows you to become a better leader right now, right where you are. And, you don’t have to leave the office for workshops or take on any new projects to make remarkable possible.

The Remarkable Leadership Learning System is an on-going process, not a one-time workshop.

That means . . .

- You won’t block days out of the office.
- You won’t buy an airline ticket.
- You won’t juggle the rest of your life to attend.
- You won’t play catch up when you return (since you won’t be gone).
- You won’t be frustrated by your inability to apply the ideas and concepts you learned during the event.

The Remarkable Leadership Learning System is focused, timely and applicable.


When we focus on one thing at a time, we will be more successful. Instead of working through several days of content, as a Member in the Remarkable Leadership Learning System you will take an in-depth look at just one leadership topic each month.

You’ll have action steps to help you immediately practice – and apply – your new skills with your current team in your current work.


Even if you do carve out that time, what’s it like the first day or two back in the office with emails and voicemails stacked up and meetings postponed? You know the days after you return won’t allow you to get to even a small portion of the ideas you had leaving the workshop.

Instead of being a daunting calendar-cruncher, your Membership gives you the freedom to learn whenever, wherever and however you choose with bite-sized action steps created for leaders just like you.


There’s no such thing as overnight success; and you won’t become remarkable overnight. Our Members work every day to get a little bit better on the projects and processes you already have.

Remarkable progress is made when you have the luxury – and the plan – to learn something new, practice it, apply it, improve it and then move on to learn something more.

It probably took you more than one try to successfully ride a bike or bake a cake or write a business letter. The same is true with developing your leadership skills.

With the Remarkable Leadership Learning System, you’ll create small successes that build into major achievements that ultimately become your remarkable legacy.

Learning is an ongoing process – so is this system. It helps you find opportunities to practice a little bit every day.

Learning is personal – so is this system. It flexes with your needs, your learning style and your calendar.

Curriculum and Content

The Remarkable Leadership Learning System is based on the twelve leadership competencies from my best-selling book, Remarkable Leadership.

  • Remarkable Leaders Learn Continually
  • Remarkable Leaders Champion Change
  • Remarkable Leaders Communicate Powerfully
  • Remarkable Leaders Build Relationships
  • Remarkable Leaders Develop Others
  • Remarkable Leaders Focus on Customers
  • Remarkable Leaders Influence with Impact
  • Remarkable Leaders Think and Act Innovatively
  • Remarkable Leaders Value Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Remarkable Leaders Solve Problems and Make Decisions
  • Remarkable Leaders Take Responsibility and Are Accountable
  • Remarkable Leaders Manage Projects and Processes Successfully
  • Remarkable Leaders Set Goals and Support Goal Achievement

Each competency is divided into skill areas designed to help you dissect the larger competency to find specific skills inside that may be especially relevant to you, and each month, we will focus on just one of these skills.

We learn by taking new ideas, trying them, repeating what worked, and changing what didn't. This learning system provides new ideas, avenues to try them, and a process for reflecting on their effectiveness.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It...

“You all ROCK in my book and I want to take the opportunity to share that I’ve worked harder at being a learner in the past six months than, well, since I can remember. You all made the difference for me, offering inspiration as well as information and I can’t thank you enough!”

Robin Shanks

Manager for Event Sales and Strategic Planning, Purdue University

“As a leader, I look for just in time training, tools, tips and techniques I can apply on the job. Kevin’s Eikenberry’s 1 hour teleseminar delivered; it was packed with tips for today’s leaders doing more with less. Kevin integrated the use of a complimentary teaching tool for team alignment to reinforce the learning during the teleseminar. The Remarkable Leadership teleseminars are perfect for Project Managers, Program Managers and C-level executives leading teams in small,medium or large organizations.”

Naomi Caietti PMP

Architect, Consultant, Project Manager IT Enterprise

“Kevin Eikenberry at Remarkable Leadership leads a clear and well planned teleseminar that provides structure and techniques which are immediately applicable. By choosing to invest a few concise time periods to participate in The Remarkable Leadership training, I have discovered straightforward and valuable ways to stretch to become a more efficient, effective and improved leader. I highly recommend Kevin and his colleagues if you desire to do more and be more and find the extraordinary potential within.”

Kimberly Sellnow

President, Understanding U

Here's Exactly What Your Membership Includes:

  • MONTHLY LEARNING TELESEMINAR: Each month, I facilitate an interactive teleseminar designed to help you learn new techniques, tips and tools to improve your competency and confidence in each month’s skill. This is a live, one-hour call with plenty of time for you to ask questions and share your insights. It also includes a customized handout that you can use to take notes during the call and review what you learned long after the teleseminar ends.
  • AUDIO CD & TRANSCRIPT: We record and transcribe every teleseminar because even with time blocked in your calendar, you may occasionally have to miss a live call. The recording keeps your learning on track, even when your calendar has a mind of its own.
  • GUEST EXPERT TELESEMINAR: Each month, you will be introduced and given access to the world’s best leadership minds when I interview a special guest who is an expert in that month’s focused skill. You’ll learn from authors, speakers, coaches, CEOs and other content experts from around the world. And like the learning teleseminar, you’ll also get access to the audio CD and transcript of these teleseminars as well!
  • LIVE GROUP COACHING: One of the most reliable ways to create success is to have someone in your corner offering advice, feedback and suggestions for improvement. With my live group coaching call, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, offer suggestions to other members, listen to challenges and successes of others and see how you can leverage their learning for yourself. No other process we know of gives you regular, personal access to leadership coach without the commitment of a personal coaching agreement.
  • MONTHLY LEARNING MATERIALS: Each month, you will receive the Monthly Action Plan, a tool to help you integrate the lessons and ideas into your daily work. You will also receive the Remarkable Leadership Reflect, Record and Rejoice document, a summary packet that will quickly guide you through intentional reflection on your learning from the month.
  • ARCHIVES ACCESS: This password protected site is for Members only and is where you’ll be able to retrieve and download all of your learning materials from the month as well as additional learning resources and tools.

The Remarkable Leadership Learning System is Guaranteed To Work For You—Or Your Money Back!

You can get the Learning System for $99 per month TODAY and try it FREE for 60 days.

That’s right. You can claim your spot in the Remarkable Leadership Learning System today. If after 60 days you are not 100% certain you'll get your entire investment back ten-fold…then we’ll cancel your order and not charge you a dime.

I know you are ready to make your career, your happiness, your life REMARKABLE.

And I know this is the System to help you do that.

I’m ready to help you become REMARKABLE. The only question is, are you ready?

Are you ready for live learning calls and guest conversations all designed to help you immediately apply all the tips, tools and ideas you’re learning each month?

Are you ready for custom designed learning materials that will help you learn – and retain – all the information we cover each month?

Are you ready for learning when you want, how you want with live-time access to the recordings and transcripts of every live call?

Are you ready for special events that will delight you with experts, topics and ideas that are relevant to your professional – and personal – life?

Everything you need to create the world you want to live in is available to you. The only question is will you take action?

You DO have the power within you to be a remarkable leader and move up the ladder how ever far you choose!

You ARE ready to experience all the successes you’ve ever hoped for and become the person YOU want to be.

You CAN make a difference in – even transform – your organization and be valued for the expertise you bring to the table.

But only if you make the choice to be remarkable.

Click here to SAVE 15% off your membership by pre-paying for the entire year.